Saturday, July 28, 2007

gaze on life

look around and gaze on life
nothing is pleasant, hypothetical sight
world is same, nothing has changed
nothing is stationary, no one to blame
same place and all same dreams
hopeful living, dreadful screaming
huddle of people, peaceful living
once was said, once was left
full of contradiction, all are meeting
days are passing, minds are sleeping

tear-drops are clear, smile is rare
drenching in past, can’t feel better
stepping into future, lags behind the present
rope round the neck, ceiling to hang
not just enough, little is the reach
gun on table, a bullet to shot
not just enough, little force for trigger
knife is sharp, a heart to stab
not just enough, don't have the courage
head is heavy, nowhere to lean
shoulders are far, in the run of heads

definition of life starts from dead
affection of love, just a centre of hate
restless river, never stops flowing
always in hurry, although it’s never late
clear is sky, it’s said to be clear
if it’s clear, why is it blue?
it’s easy to be far, easy to run
hard to attach, hard to share
world is small, smaller the places
not that small, it’s hard to face.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My time

silvery night, the moon is bright
I woke up, enjoy the sight
love the moon, cuz it reminds you
watch too deep, nothing to do
maybe you're also watching
maybe you're also loving
so I gotta watch it
cuz' it reflects
reflects me as reflects you.

childhood days, shared with you
can't return again,has fade away
you were loving, I was feeling
I was loving, you were feeling
eyes used to fire, heart used to suffer
mouth used to speak, mind went deeper.

you came to my house, I visited your's
you light the candel, I wasn't sure
you lit it early, I wanted to wait
when I was ready, it was too late
place is gone, candel is broken
love is gone, is just a motivation
I return on my track, the path of solitation
but I do remember, remember the days
I do feel eight years wasn't just for fake.

days have changed, and so do I
time has gone, days passed by
can't feel you, can't feel your love
returned to my home, just wanna serve
you can roam, roam around me
pass your days to excite the bee
you can't find the things, where you'd kept
cuz' I don't walk the path, once I left
you go your way, I'll go mine
will wait for day, day of my time
someone to come, catch my hand
feel me proud, last man stand.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Tired

I’m tired of showing
Showing those false laughter
Showing all those glitter
Putting myself in bender
Exposing the never got pleasure
And hiding all of my disaster

I’m tired of being
Being good to everyone
Expressing all of the fun
Knowing that I’ve never done
Supporting their every tone
and living my life all alone.

I’m tired of making
Making myself lock in chains
Giving them supporting friend
Seeking their handful of pains
Presenting those asked by their brain
And letting myself to be drain

I’m tired of living
Living the life I’ve hired
Sacrificing all my happiness
Recognizing I’ve never been admired
Knowing that I’ll be retired
having the fault that I’m tired.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Walking by a silent street
Saw a woman passing by my side
A charming coy attract my mind
No sign in face, was on cloud nine
I told her “you are beautiful”
She answered “oh! That’s fine”.
She walked, passed by her line
I left, as I was out of time.

Other day, I headed to a supermarket
Pushing the door, I dash a woman
Tell her sorry and our eyes met
I couldn’t believe what I see!
She was the one I met in street
I was troubled by my heart beat
She smiled and touched her hair
I lost myself in blissful mere
She went out turning back
I did my shopping with heavy heart.

One sunny day, blue painted sky
Beach was full of chicks
Was ignorant busy on sun bath
a sweet voice broke “can I sit down?”
Oh! My goodness! I was shocked
It was none other’s, was her sound
I replied “please sit down”
I introduced myself, she did too
We have chat till the noon
I drove her to her apartment
She farewelled me with fine compliment.

World became small, smaller the days
Rooms got suffocating, felt like cage
She came around and hold me tight
I felt excited and felt high
She said “never leave me alone.”
I said “breathe can’t be hold on!”
I caught her hand,
then kneel down on sand
look above in the sky,
look into her eyes
caught so tight and stare awhile
finally I broke out, killing the doubt
tell her she’s the only girl I've ever thought of
the sole girl I dreamt of
promised not to let her down
always gonna be in her surround
I proposed her to be my wife
to share all the affection of my life
she answered “well that sounds great!”
a new era of life then began.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Silvery mountain sparkling in the sunshine
green forest is hiding the vividness
the loneliness in the scenery
motivating for the thoughts of life
the plans and the wills
inconvenient creation of mind
the motionless ground was for rest
what if the mind is nomadic?

Sunny day with attractive season
what if it’s lack of internal sunshine?
body is sleeping and mind is flying
eyes are closed and dreams are assigned
is in the crowd of friends
is in the surrounding of laughter
but who can guess the internal battle
who can't fell, those are waste of time.

Far away, away from the sceneries
miles away from those crowd and laughter
will be the soul struggling for future
who can guess what will be the days
but guessing is just a kind of meshing
let the brain face the extremeness of hardness
let the arms be kept wide open to bear
let the mind be prepared for the sole reason.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Dreaming in the morning of hope
found you to hold my hands
you sitting by my side
makes me half dead and half alive
the breathe of me seemed to be stopped
unless you were there to care my life
I was just living, passing my time
until you weren’t in my lifeline
till the time you come to my life
words were just words had no meaning to pay
walking in the undiscovered path
you came and showed me the way

Days aren’t over, they never will
it’s just a beginning not the end
you are my need and I’m yours
let’s find our life in this world
our unity is the sole truth
you believe me I’ll believe you
because I believe in truth and believe in love
walking together holding our hands
we’ll find our life in bliss and peace
you are mine and I’m yours
that’s all I know, that I can tell
time will come when we’ll be together
no need to rush and no need to worry about.


I’m glad to have an aim
glad to have a goal
don’t wanna be numb
I’m saving activeness
cuz’ freezing really means killing
I’ve got my eyes to see
got my ears to hear,
mind for making decisions
what else would you give me to judge
what else would I need to understand
I’m fine, fine with my dictionary
fine with my thesaurus
and fine with my definition.

don’t wanna know my lovers
don’t wanna walk this street again
cuz’, don’t wanna grasp glasses
knowing that they do break
don’t wanna add headache
all because don’t wanna make
and don’t wanna break
wanna be far, far from the misery
walk along with my desires
loving others is a kind of hating myself
I love myself for the most
so, I’m pleased, pleased with me
pleased with my solitariness.

am not gonna look back
never gonna look back to the past
think as if they were just a state of change
I’m loving this change on me
a lot change still to come
who knows what’s inside a parcel
so, I’m never gonna guess
guess to make lapse
I’m delightful, happy with me
happy in the pleasure of singleness.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


  • It’s hard for us to breathe if we think about breathing.
  • Everyone wants to be perfect but perfection is just an imaginary word.
  • If it’s all about my heart then baby it’s big, big enough to keep you inside.
  • I don’t wanna be your shadow cuz' it leaves you alone in the darkness.
  • Living in doubt and suspension is just a life in hell.
  • If you wanna know the truth then see straight into one’s eyes cuz they are the reflection of heart.
  • Doing damn care is a kind of runaway but caring too much is a kind of disease which should be taken care of, immediately.
  • You needn’t to force somebody to fall in love with you cuz it’s the time which will bring it down to your doorway.
  • Smile is the perfect healer of pain and sorrow, let the smile flow from your heart.
  • You can’t love anyone until you understand that you can’t love everyone.
  • To fear love is to fear life and those who fear are already three parts dead.
  • Enjoy your icecream before it melts away.
  • Me loving others is hating myself.
  • You don't know what you got until you loose it.

Be happy!

Life, a beautiful flower that blooms in the midst of happiness, creativeness and in the sunshine of unlimited excitement is an opportunity for us to feel all the wonders of the world. Everyone lives their life; even a drunkard lying on the street is living his life but it’s up to us how do we want to spend our life. We just want to waste our precious life in the nasty things, getting ourself enrolled in the fugitive streets or live an open life with peace and bliss around. No one has got a successful life by his fate; we have to labor hard for it. All of the people do have their own struggle in their life. They have failure, tensions, and stress but only those can live happily who manages to get rid of mental stress. Following are few tips (simply way of thinking) by which we can control our gloomth:

  1. Hard times are the examination of one’s patience so we should never let our patience die because after every night it is sure to be morning. We should never loose our self-confidence.

  2. Smile is a perfect healer of any kind of pain so we should make us laugh by watching comedy shows or reading jokes. Let the smile flow from the core of our heart.

  3. Everything too much is bad. Sometime it’s hard for us to breathe when we think about breathing. One should not think too much about a subject matter. We should be easygoing and think it being cool.

  4. Everyone wants to be a perfect person but it’s the matter of fact that perfection is just an imaginary word. All human being have their own weakness so we should not be terrified by failures because they are the stairs to the success, which will one day lead us to the cliff of victory. All we have to do is try hard and maintain our focus.

  5. We should always ask ourself two questions “who am I?” and “what I’m doing?” The first question makes us feel we are a supernatural and the most special thing for ownself. The second one helps us to decide and shows the way out of troubles.

  6. There are many things to come in our life, so if we don’t get things that we wanted, we shouldn’t be depressed. We should have the habit of let go. We should think we didn’t deserve it because much bigger things and bigger opportunities are waiting for us to come.


May be I’m just emotional
or I’m afraid of myself
am I ignoring my shadow?
or hiding from brightness
am I too much selfish?
or avoiding the headache
but I’m not blind
no way! I’m not that much
I’m just trying to be practical
to live, to feel and to march
just not to make lapse
mistakes no more

all the things you’re saying
all the moves you’re taking
every signs you are showing
each situation you are creating
I’m studying and learning
being close, close enough
I’m not being numb
no way! I’m not that much
I’m just trying to watch
gaze you inside-out
just not to decide in rush
and not to regret in leisure

maybe I’m just too weak
am I being too strong?
pretending to be misunderstanding
maybe I’m really unknown
or I’m being overwhelmed
but I’m not destructive
neither I’m a dumb
no way! I’m not that much
I’m just trying to understand
you and your thoughts
just not to be overconfident
and not to be oversight.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


somewhere from the dark
light shows it's presence
penetrating the cloud of darkness
kills all the haze around
brings morning of hope
repairs the dream of life
balancing the ups and downs
opens the mine of excitement.

the lost aim and the lost future
cannot hide anymore
the enthusiasm of soul
the activeness of mind
has just concreted
the strength of body
the fire of creativeness
has just burn again.

so called horrors
in the twists and turns
was just stuck awhile
divert a second
hadn't been dead
hasn't scattered yet
returned in the track
regained it's focus
will break those chains
destroy the cage
will fly aloft
and will touch the sky.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Feel this way

All it began
when those eyes caught mine
the affection that ran through my nerves
penetrate inside, energize my mind
start to see myself in those ocean
end of search was the sign.

the vaccant and the empty heart
was replaced by the sole soul
the alone and the dead hand
has got someone to grasp
tears has gone, smile on face
love in the vains, happy rain
exhausted life and tired brain
has got something to refresh
season is changed, reason is changed
someone make me feel this way.

the tragidies and the failure
has changed into narrow escape
the tornado that was blowing
isn't enough to push my chest
the killing and bleeding legs
got power to start again
a journey of life, journey of success
is just a single step away
season is changed reason is changed
someone make me feel this way.