Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My time

silvery night, the moon is bright
I woke up, enjoy the sight
love the moon, cuz it reminds you
watch too deep, nothing to do
maybe you're also watching
maybe you're also loving
so I gotta watch it
cuz' it reflects
reflects me as reflects you.

childhood days, shared with you
can't return again,has fade away
you were loving, I was feeling
I was loving, you were feeling
eyes used to fire, heart used to suffer
mouth used to speak, mind went deeper.

you came to my house, I visited your's
you light the candel, I wasn't sure
you lit it early, I wanted to wait
when I was ready, it was too late
place is gone, candel is broken
love is gone, is just a motivation
I return on my track, the path of solitation
but I do remember, remember the days
I do feel eight years wasn't just for fake.

days have changed, and so do I
time has gone, days passed by
can't feel you, can't feel your love
returned to my home, just wanna serve
you can roam, roam around me
pass your days to excite the bee
you can't find the things, where you'd kept
cuz' I don't walk the path, once I left
you go your way, I'll go mine
will wait for day, day of my time
someone to come, catch my hand
feel me proud, last man stand.