Monday, September 07, 2009

Tears and smile

My love, a sweet voice penetrating my heart

a glance which can tear me apart
were those eyes disapproving thoughts of mine
was a glance but chilling body of mine.

a special day, an especial moment
hands holding each other, eyes on competition
lust for love, fragments of desire
appetite of wants were caged in a hug.

was a day, was a time
the suffocating willingness were ruled out
a concrete dilemma had a melting conclusion
when your juicy lips nested on mine
there were no sufferings, no pains anymore
were incredible mixture of tears and smile.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Last time

A ray of light, spreading down from window
who cares its silver or golden
who judges its right or wrong
when a soul inside the cage
fighting with a dreadful darkness
opens the eyes of the scarcity

when was last time a soul die in piece
when was last time a soul die in bliss
neither was a sorrow for a spirit
nor was a tears for a knight soul

a faith in the heart which always leads
to the door of almighty lord
a love never suppressed in a throat
a want always motive to go
when the last time it stopped
when was the last time it disbelieved

internal tornado always ever blows
every drop of selfish blood
painting the innocent heart
when was it able to colour the sole truth
when was the last time it dismental its deeds!
though eyes sees what are infront
when was the last time the eyes really opened
when was last time it crossed the external brigade

thinking is really a good thing to do
but hoping and expecting adds the bitterness
think for a real, think for mighty lord
never goes in waste, always proves its presence
mind is an aluminium bucket
what you keep on it doesn't really visible
let it hide from other but don't let it run away

when was the last time you walked for a mile
when was the last time your feet feel the pain
but its not your feet that are walking
its not them which are suffering
that's your mind walking
that's your thoughts that are aching
never mind, television is how much big
never mind, show is how much boaring
you got the remote control
you got your mighty wish

when was the last time you cried for a day
when was the last time you smile whole day
feelings are just consequences of virtuals
let you always feel what you need
let you always do what you mean
shadows are just a big lie
just step your feet bravely on it
its not your soul who is frightful
its your thoughts which is feeble
clear the haze being sharp edge
whenever falls, finishes the job.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A girl in a city street
living alone with her relatives
she was smart, she was thankful
she was vaccant but was hopeful
was so silent smiles rarely
was beautiful, speaks barely
parents were there
friends were there
but was lonely no one to share
was so simple was so feeble
but was so stone hearted
wasn't a breakable
thoughts were clear
willingness to bear
was a beauty
was so fair

many wind blow upon her
many rain were discovered
many sunny days missed her
was too hard to be concurred
she thinks so hard
listens very much
relax small part
and worries so much
She is so confused, pretends to be clear
shows the anger and hides her fear
so closed to herself
so closed to boundary
never ever offer
listen to the other
never want to lead
happy to be follower

pink sari, with pink shandle
pink ear-ring, black hair
black eyliner, black eye
round ring on nose, red cheek
red lips, pink colour lipstick
what a figure, what a statue
living in dreams,youth's heartbeat
is a girl of city street.

Mama take me home

I brushed their shoes
I wash their dish
I cook their meal
and clean their house
I massage their clothes
Mama I'm never appreciated

I work so hard, hard to death
they come to me slap my face
I can't cry loud, can't breathe deep
they catch my ear, no freedom to weep
so suffocating here, nowhere to go
ear to listen and my heads to bow
can't sleep longer, can't go farther
can't smile awhile, can't talk louder
mama take to me to my home
I want to cry in your lap
mama whisper a word
I want to hear your sound

those rusty glasses, those cold water
those dirty floor, those cold marble
those angry eyes, those scolding lips
those kicking shoes, those slapping hands
those beating stick, those pinching fingers
mama please take me home
I can't wash the glasses any-more
mama please grab me
I want to feel your cure

father came and sold me away
he is a drunkard, I do know
but you are a mother
take me to my home
I can't die further
want to smile a day
forgetting the internal dismay
Please mama don't be so harder.

I close my eyes, I feel you
I wish my eyes be closed forever
when I dream, I see you
I wish my life be a dream
Mama take me to my home
keep your hands to my forehead
I want to feel your love

You bear hours of pain when I was born
Don't push me mama to the pain for a life
where are those loving eyes mama?
where are those loving hands?
a question for you mama
and I want an answer
mama take me to my home
I wanna read
give me my books
I want to join the school

God please take a time from the world
make a leisure to look at me
a breaking piece of life is searching you
a haunted soul is searching for eternal piece
just give a minute, give a second
a small child is praying for your help
mama please take me to my home
I want to feel life
I want to feel your love.

Melt Again

Got your number, got your name
just can't call, just can't talk
know your face, know your eyes
just can't watch, just can't stare
I know your place, know your street
just can't wait, just can't meet
know your mind, know your thoughts
just can't read, just can't admire

want to love one, wanna to be loved
just can't find one, just can't like one
wanted to be lost, wanted to be devoted
just can't believe, just can't go deep
many in line, many are fine
just can't grab one, just can't take one
see the flowers, see the roses
just can't like, just can't love

Ask myself why I like to be isolated?
why do I love to be single?
just can't find answer
just can't forget your face.

And upto these days
a lot of water has flown from river
they don't come back
now I've walked miles away
now I'm going to change
got to forget the past
wecome the future
want to take chance
want to have change
just can't wait longer
just can't die further
break those walls,
break those each breaks
breaks of the isolation
avoiding the solitation
just don't wanna freeze
just wanna melt again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When she opens her eyes to look at me
I become a man who can't see
when her voice swims through my ear
heart pounds on rhythm and I can't bear
If I'm in crowd and she gets near
everybody else just disappear
I'm a lock, she is my key
her man of the dream I wanted to be

She comes to me
we start a talk
we stare each other
and have long walks
she says some words
words of her feelings
I'm always shocked
coz that was I thinking
sometime I wonder
how we think same
though are physically
so much different

got inside out beauty
my little petty sweety
lives in the house of my dream
as soft as the cream
a woman of my thought
that I've never caught
where is she? where she'll be found?
is she far away or is in my around?
I'm a lyrics, where is my rocker?
ya, that's true I'm a dreamlover.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


an open road, successful hope
lost in street, close to highway
not in dusk, waiting in dawn
a lone soul, not all alone
fighting for presence, for its existence

heads are gone, empty place
braced heart, doubtful face
smile and cheers, heavy emotion
nowhere to keep, no one to mention
still its happy, not for relation
but for future, self satisfaction
passengers cone, let them go
one will stay, the heart knows
world is big, bigger is life
has a reserved, in the edge of time

water in river has a continuous flow
falls from hills and still it goes
flows in plain, flows over the damn
always in motion, leaving around sand
coz eyes for the sea, eyes for the ocean
never ever stops, gives a lesson

The Sun is bright, less are the Moon
shines in dark, hides in the noon
stars are tiny, sparks in night
look beautiful, with a trace of light
all are distinct, all are clear
all have reason, nothing to fear.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almighty you

Sun has gone for vacation
dusk has knocked our door
baby close those windows
close all of the doors
we are alone in home
be with me want you more

I'm here waiting for your words
maybe you are waiting for mine
lit up the candle, put on the table
lets face each other, don't be feeble
if I'm the one that is suffering
then your love is my only disease
there ain't anything that I can't give
but baby being alone I can't live

moon is shiny and so is your face
I'll pass all my life having your glance
world may be big, bigger than I assume
but for me not bigger than you
stars are shining and so is your eyes
can't live without you, never say goodbye
come in my arms, sleep in my lap
lets have fun, lets have a nap
life without you has no meaning for me
I'm locked into your heart and have lost the key

night is going deeper, candle goes dimmer
you are my angel and I'm your dreamer
my life is a song, I'm a singer
you are my piano, happy are the fingers
I don't know god, don't know angel
but I do know you are their dead ringer
don't know culture, don't know religion
but I do know you are their finest seed
don't have vision, don't know its reason
but you are my only love and that's my creed.