Friday, June 13, 2008

Things changes

I didn’t want you to miss
wanted to give you pillow kiss
wanted to hold you in my arms
wanted to protect you from all the harms
but now, it doesn't make any difference
I've got a heart that loved you very much
and now it's all broken

friendship changes to love
the love never changes to it
wanted us to have a perfect relationship
want you to laugh
smile in the internal sunshine
make you the special one of human kind
lift you high above the sky
But now I'm asking myself why?
its why? coz' you don't deserve it

you don't deserve my passion
all my affectionand all my relation
all the god damn emotion!
at least not my soul
coz' you never showed me you worth it

just look high above the sky
whom you are looking wasn't high
wasn't high enough to cover my love
look into the deepest sea
whom you are looking wasn't deep
wasn't deep in comparison to my love
but now you should feel
the sky have been pulled down
and the land has been brought up
it’s not my fault
coz' I never wanted to do this
it’s you who make it possible
and at this time
the meaning of high and deep
might hold true for them
might not for me

you had a fresh heart in front
had a person to take care of you
was ready to die to make you live
would've been there in your needs
would've been available to wipe your tears
and would do anything to make you smile
would haunt himself to kill your fear
would leave the world and call you dear
but now I feel, all were in vain
nobody was wrong, I was just insane

emotions used to flow through my veins
heart forgot to beat coz' you were there
wanted to hold you tight
wanted to give you flight
wanted to give happiness you've ever dreamt of
and catch you hard not to let you fall
but now, things has changed
I've got to start a life
give a damn to the lanes passing by
coz' now I'm in a highway.

a wish

Those days, those time
never had a grasp
never comes back
those smiles, those stares
never will be seen
never will be felt
language of eyes
silence of lips
eyes to hear
ear to fear
never will be listened
never will be cleared
gentle touch, soft hands
long hair, polite voice
never will be wished
never will be missed..