Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Tired

I’m tired of showing
Showing those false laughter
Showing all those glitter
Putting myself in bender
Exposing the never got pleasure
And hiding all of my disaster

I’m tired of being
Being good to everyone
Expressing all of the fun
Knowing that I’ve never done
Supporting their every tone
and living my life all alone.

I’m tired of making
Making myself lock in chains
Giving them supporting friend
Seeking their handful of pains
Presenting those asked by their brain
And letting myself to be drain

I’m tired of living
Living the life I’ve hired
Sacrificing all my happiness
Recognizing I’ve never been admired
Knowing that I’ll be retired
having the fault that I’m tired.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Walking by a silent street
Saw a woman passing by my side
A charming coy attract my mind
No sign in face, was on cloud nine
I told her “you are beautiful”
She answered “oh! That’s fine”.
She walked, passed by her line
I left, as I was out of time.

Other day, I headed to a supermarket
Pushing the door, I dash a woman
Tell her sorry and our eyes met
I couldn’t believe what I see!
She was the one I met in street
I was troubled by my heart beat
She smiled and touched her hair
I lost myself in blissful mere
She went out turning back
I did my shopping with heavy heart.

One sunny day, blue painted sky
Beach was full of chicks
Was ignorant busy on sun bath
a sweet voice broke “can I sit down?”
Oh! My goodness! I was shocked
It was none other’s, was her sound
I replied “please sit down”
I introduced myself, she did too
We have chat till the noon
I drove her to her apartment
She farewelled me with fine compliment.

World became small, smaller the days
Rooms got suffocating, felt like cage
She came around and hold me tight
I felt excited and felt high
She said “never leave me alone.”
I said “breathe can’t be hold on!”
I caught her hand,
then kneel down on sand
look above in the sky,
look into her eyes
caught so tight and stare awhile
finally I broke out, killing the doubt
tell her she’s the only girl I've ever thought of
the sole girl I dreamt of
promised not to let her down
always gonna be in her surround
I proposed her to be my wife
to share all the affection of my life
she answered “well that sounds great!”
a new era of life then began.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Silvery mountain sparkling in the sunshine
green forest is hiding the vividness
the loneliness in the scenery
motivating for the thoughts of life
the plans and the wills
inconvenient creation of mind
the motionless ground was for rest
what if the mind is nomadic?

Sunny day with attractive season
what if it’s lack of internal sunshine?
body is sleeping and mind is flying
eyes are closed and dreams are assigned
is in the crowd of friends
is in the surrounding of laughter
but who can guess the internal battle
who can't fell, those are waste of time.

Far away, away from the sceneries
miles away from those crowd and laughter
will be the soul struggling for future
who can guess what will be the days
but guessing is just a kind of meshing
let the brain face the extremeness of hardness
let the arms be kept wide open to bear
let the mind be prepared for the sole reason.