Thursday, December 28, 2006


Life, life and the life
just the flight of kite
sometimes goes upside down
and goes round and round
flies away in mystery town
and suddenly falls on the ground.

the bleeding life
and the bleeding eyes
nothing to do
nothing to try
all the things have been done
all the life have been passed
nothing more left to see
the disaster on me no-one can feel
nobody listens the sound of my heart
feels everyone wants to go apart.

can see the laughter
the fun and the joy
the smile of my face
the politeness and easyness
just nobody to support
and no-one to care
nobody to help
and nobody to heal
no-one to hug
no-one to grap
just alone, alone in dead
sleeping restless in my grave.

tear me into pieces
if it makes you feel better
break me into pieces
if it unites you and make you strong
pinch me by thorny cover
if it brings back your pleasure
push me into lonely darkness
if it brightenes, your desire
but you gotta know
I'll be the best part
wanna design me like a showpiece
or wanna lock in drawer
but gonna be your best friend
or gonna be your worst nightmare.

past is over, never comes back
half the life is gone and half to start
the life I was living
just was a cloud of smoke
was just hell of heaven
all bliss, pain indeed
wanna forget the past
just wanna go forward
I'm loving, loving this face
don't force me to do
don't compile me to show
the thing of early days
the face of mine of yesterday.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No-one else

What is passion
what is relation
time to know
time to understand
what is life
and what is love
time to feel
time to realize.

days seems to be short
nights seems to be extended
pressure in my head
thorns on my bed
the one who make me restless,
is no-one else, that's only you.

life seems to be easy
seems to be cool
seems to be joyful
and seems to be beautiful
the one who make me optimist,
is no-one else, that's only you

when you walk by my side
pain manages to rush away
whenever I've glance on you
wounds seems to be healed up
the one who makes me feel better,
is no-one else, that's only you.

I find the meaning of life
and the meaning of love
have found the meaning of heart
and the meaning of relation
the one who make me know all,
is no-one else, that's only you.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Heartflow

Black clouds are roaring in the sky
As the suppressed emotion in my heart
These emotions are hard to hold
Though I’ve been thinking myself bold
I’m tired of walking this fugitive street
And the tolerance has crossed the limit
At last I’ve decided to open the door
‘Cuz I can’t suppress it anymore

Cloud started drizzling outside
There’s nothing else left to hide
Rain drops have been absorbed by the ground
And I wanna wet you through my sound
My emotions over flew forming the words
You study and learn all my course
You are free for decision making
Think seriously ‘cuz I’m not kidding

I’ve been trying to know your view
That’s the reason I’m in front of you
There’s nothing funny to make a shout
My immense love has just come out
Don’t feel hard in expressing your dislike
‘Cuz I’ll be loving you all my life
You are the one whom I’ve dreamed
And it’s same then let’s have a team...