Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stone and the water

In an open mind of blue sky
dense forest hidden with the songs of birds
grasses kissing the air gently
and the cool cool wind
always in a hurry to hug trees
a gentle touch of morning drop
falling on the olive leaves
a finger can let go its touch
but the heart always have the temptation

A fresh fog in the morning light
so is pulsing, need some walk
a clear river flowing on the way
so much love, pouring on the stones
stones might not feel the intensity
but the water will never ever quit
will always pour, will always flow
though the stone will never get wet

A ride in the day
warm air brushing my face
hairs are restless, moves up and down
ears are so busy, loves the sound
far far in the horizon above a green hill
a rainbow opens the majestic pass-way
eyes get emotional no place for tears
so lost in the thoughts, living in fantasy
but the soul remains the shield as always
will never fall, will never ever give away

Miracle in the dark shiny sky
pictures made by the twinkling stars
so romantic and so much deceiving
as it is always the mighty full Moon
so peace and so much calmer
eyes on the sky body in the grass
with an open arm
I counted the stars
I looked to my side, no one to share
I wasnt alone either, someone was there
Heart felt the touch, lips get wet
night gets thinner, nesting my mate
before going in the dreamy world
before falling into the sleep
a kiss is needed, so dense and deep
wherever I go, whatever I do
Just feel safe, I always belong to you.

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