Friday, October 31, 2008

Give me answer

When the Universe is that much big
god please give me an answer
why do you created Earth as a cage?
when you created Earth
Why do you suffocate them in a place?
My lord! when you created friends
when you bloom fresh emotion for friendship
why do you created separation?
when you made companions
why do you push them in sorrow?

I'm asking when you created a heart
why do you make it so weak?
when you make love
why do you make break ups?

please tell me god
when you make happiness
why do you congest them in a boundary?
when you make a spiritual smile
why do you drench them in ocean of tears?

I'm asking you because I'm suffering
suffering from so called gifted life
burning in the fire of separation
without finding any place for motivation
now give me the last answer
why do you make a life?
when you know its meaningless leaving all alone.

I've being hurt by your creation
I've been crying, I've been dying
sinking down in the sea of sorrow
writing this poem to make you answer
though I know that you never exist
if you ere real, if you were here
thing would have been so much different

If you exist, the I'll suggest you
make a machine instead of human
make them work, kill their emotion
don't make friends and don't make separations
make your slaves who will pray
will call your name, 24 hours a day.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


There were tears on my eyes
hands were shaking
lips were speechless
heart was pounding hard
eyes were steady
in the hospital bed
accomplish with your presence

My darling, I'ne been waking
I've been waitingI've been expecting
and I've been praying for you
open your eyes, smile for once
how hard is this time?
how difficult it is to breathe without you?
I'm kissing your hand

I'm reading stories for you
I can't rest for awhileI can't sleep for a moment
what if you wake up and I weren't there?
what if you need company and I weren't there?

Baby! open your eyes our child is crying
he is asking for his mother
tell me what should I answer him
he couldn't sleep
he couldn't play
how could I convince him
his beloved mother is already dead

My beloved sweetheart, please answer
how can I describe you?
how could I show you?
when the child asks about you later
how could I show?
how could I prove?
you were the most beautiful woman
you are a holy angel

It's hard for me to organise your funeral
I hold your hand and kissed it
I kissed your cheeks, kissed your lips
Oh god! I can't tolerate
I'm suffocating, I'm breaking
want to lay with you
wanted to be with you
want to share the grave

Oh baby! I can't hold my tears
you remember I've never cried before
I've never feel pain in front of you
now you can see, I'm in deep sorrow
I used to give you red roses
Now I can't see you receiving white one

My love, I can't take my eyes off of you
wanted to see you for the last time
goodbye my angel, goodbye my heart
I kneel down, tears drop down on my knees
I look above the sky in the eyes of god
tell him, I'm leaving her in your hand
please I pray! be polite with her

I hold my child
cried for awhile
and convinced myself
I'm not alone
she has left a friend for me
have given me an aim for my life
my little angel is in my arms
and I'll live all my life for him.

It's a boy girl thing

Analysing my life in this world
can't find it departed from you
you are the meaning of my existence
and my passion belongs to you
you are the eighth wonder of the world
wanted to be the preserver of it
you are an angel for me
I'll cut my skin to make you fly
my life without you baby
is just a life of hell

each and everything I've got
is the reserved things for you
all my heart, all my thoughts
all my dreams and all my emotions
will be worthless for me
if it don't get you for its unity

baby, my love! when you smile
when you look into my eyes
when you bite your lips feeling shy
when you stretch your nose for laughing
those oceans in your eyes
the soft voice breaking from your lips
I love them baby
I love them for the most

I'm not a poet to write poems
but baby when you are in front
when you are in my mind
there will be no Shakespeare
there will be no other Romeos
who can come down to Earth
and defeat me describing you

Baby! may be I'm rough
maybe I'm overwhelmed man
OK! then that's what I am
but I'll say baby
you are special
you are soft like flower
you are sweet as honey
you are kind like god for me
and you are plain as sky
that is why I love you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Things changes

I didn’t want you to miss
wanted to give you pillow kiss
wanted to hold you in my arms
wanted to protect you from all the harms
but now, it doesn't make any difference
I've got a heart that loved you very much
and now it's all broken

friendship changes to love
the love never changes to it
wanted us to have a perfect relationship
want you to laugh
smile in the internal sunshine
make you the special one of human kind
lift you high above the sky
But now I'm asking myself why?
its why? coz' you don't deserve it

you don't deserve my passion
all my affectionand all my relation
all the god damn emotion!
at least not my soul
coz' you never showed me you worth it

just look high above the sky
whom you are looking wasn't high
wasn't high enough to cover my love
look into the deepest sea
whom you are looking wasn't deep
wasn't deep in comparison to my love
but now you should feel
the sky have been pulled down
and the land has been brought up
it’s not my fault
coz' I never wanted to do this
it’s you who make it possible
and at this time
the meaning of high and deep
might hold true for them
might not for me

you had a fresh heart in front
had a person to take care of you
was ready to die to make you live
would've been there in your needs
would've been available to wipe your tears
and would do anything to make you smile
would haunt himself to kill your fear
would leave the world and call you dear
but now I feel, all were in vain
nobody was wrong, I was just insane

emotions used to flow through my veins
heart forgot to beat coz' you were there
wanted to hold you tight
wanted to give you flight
wanted to give happiness you've ever dreamt of
and catch you hard not to let you fall
but now, things has changed
I've got to start a life
give a damn to the lanes passing by
coz' now I'm in a highway.

a wish

Those days, those time
never had a grasp
never comes back
those smiles, those stares
never will be seen
never will be felt
language of eyes
silence of lips
eyes to hear
ear to fear
never will be listened
never will be cleared
gentle touch, soft hands
long hair, polite voice
never will be wished
never will be missed..

Friday, May 23, 2008

Just words

got my face smiling in your cheers
I felt my hands wiping your tears
have a strong heart to kill your fear
words, words and my words are for you to share

open your arms in the pouring rain
invitation to smile means farewell to pain
should be plain rather than being insane
coz' theres' nothing to lose and nothing to gain

life is still drenched in the shadows
eyes are still in the search of light
got a strong desire and determination to fight
soul is preparing to be an mighty knight

mind is busy separating wrong and right
just don't wanna be a distracted kite
spirit is ready for an awaited flight
looking for a destination in the sight.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

nutral expression

A Tree standing on a desert
waiting for a day of service
pounding is the alone heart
asking for his lord a mercy
god does or doesn't come
will be there till last heartbeat

branches are dry leaves are fallen
can burn itself to give heat
can light itself to spread light
no sofas, no comfortable beds
has a lap of steam to let him sleep
tree will be there lonely in the sand
lord is the one to make the dicision
come around or he will run
depends upon the steps what he takes

restless will be the soul for forever
nobody got the pass to enter into the core
will always be same in its position
no for newcomers no any fustration
return of the lord isn't the expectation
neither is the thrust for an ocean
tree will be there roots will be there
no movements for its satisfaction
memories of god, for the beloved
will go on, never will be solved...


If goodbyes are all in my faith
then my lord I don't blame you
easy to live life all alone
hard to live it through memories

if farewells are only thing I could get
then my lord I don't blame you
easy to dreanch all life in tears
hard to shake hand for the last time

if separations are made for me
then my lord I don't blame you
easy to spend life in a corner
hard to leave a friend by your side

if lonliness is for me at last
then my lord I don't blame you
its hard to live life in hopes
will hope and wait you another one to send.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Story

Looking back on the far beyond
saw a girl to catch my heart
she was little was an angel
come to me and show my life

Time was early, feelings were late
she was charming, blood on my feet
I was innocent and so was she
life was happy, filled in my dreams

The affection increased with the growing age
she was ideal for me, there wasn’t any change
emotion turned, changed into love
those feelings were, just never solved

No talks through sound, eyes were assigned
feelings in the heart, locked in the cage
farewell from hand, soul was attached
no in the return, makes yes in the mind

All I’ve left is the immense love
never will be shown, never will be expressed
will be always deep inside my core
neither will be opened nor will be exposed

Rest for spirit doesn’t mean death for passion
your almighty stop, inspired me to carry on
we born for once and we love for once
and love for me hasn’t got second chance.