Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A girl in a city street
living alone with her relatives
she was smart, she was thankful
she was vaccant but was hopeful
was so silent smiles rarely
was beautiful, speaks barely
parents were there
friends were there
but was lonely no one to share
was so simple was so feeble
but was so stone hearted
wasn't a breakable
thoughts were clear
willingness to bear
was a beauty
was so fair

many wind blow upon her
many rain were discovered
many sunny days missed her
was too hard to be concurred
she thinks so hard
listens very much
relax small part
and worries so much
She is so confused, pretends to be clear
shows the anger and hides her fear
so closed to herself
so closed to boundary
never ever offer
listen to the other
never want to lead
happy to be follower

pink sari, with pink shandle
pink ear-ring, black hair
black eyliner, black eye
round ring on nose, red cheek
red lips, pink colour lipstick
what a figure, what a statue
living in dreams,youth's heartbeat
is a girl of city street.

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