Monday, July 08, 2013

sudden breakout

if tearing down my heart makes something good
if suffocating myself to the death is any better
well my love i would already have been in lap
sleeping well, enjoying the company of supernatural

the heart has a language
speaking, listening and expressing
neither had been stopped by the twists of time
nor have been affected by the direction of wind
goes on and on, in a destination
unaffected and unstopped by the external aspects
running open in rain with arms wide open
defeating the pushes of storm by the chest...
smiling in the lightening of the clouds...
and enjoying the trip of tornado

happy feelings and smile may not be invented by the will
maybe they are to be discovered self
internal sunshine that blooms in the midst of heart
may or may not have the reason and consequences
yet they will have the wagon going on in the highway
feeling the wings in the wind
flying aloft in the rush of life...
no counts of time passing by
and no counts of the pinches carried by the body
well no any fear for the grave waiting
and no sorrow for the desperate tears willing to pour down
smile opens the gateway to heaven
no matter how desperate is hell to meet

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