Tuesday, August 29, 2006


wake up people wake up
its not the time to have a nap
move ahead and escape the trap
to make our homeland peaceful lab

this isn't the day our martyrs want
what you sacrifice that does count
it's time to come on street
it doesn't matter how they treat.

block bullets by your heart
don't show your back, be smart
demonstrate against the dictatorship
only trust people's leadership

hey! rebels stop living in jungle, carrying guns
it makes nothing good but it does burn
we all have to pay for the things we do
think, gun you're showing can turn to you

don't terrify the moment of piece
do not destroy all our bliss
all we want is piece and harmony
do not ever turn it in tragedy.

let's shake our hand and move together
return all those happiness of our mother
we should make good use of enthusiasm
to pull out peace from the cloud of terrorism.