Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Story

Looking back on the far beyond
saw a girl to catch my heart
she was little was an angel
come to me and show my life

Time was early, feelings were late
she was charming, blood on my feet
I was innocent and so was she
life was happy, filled in my dreams

The affection increased with the growing age
she was ideal for me, there wasn’t any change
emotion turned, changed into love
those feelings were, just never solved

No talks through sound, eyes were assigned
feelings in the heart, locked in the cage
farewell from hand, soul was attached
no in the return, makes yes in the mind

All I’ve left is the immense love
never will be shown, never will be expressed
will be always deep inside my core
neither will be opened nor will be exposed

Rest for spirit doesn’t mean death for passion
your almighty stop, inspired me to carry on
we born for once and we love for once
and love for me hasn’t got second chance.