Saturday, July 28, 2007

gaze on life

look around and gaze on life
nothing is pleasant, hypothetical sight
world is same, nothing has changed
nothing is stationary, no one to blame
same place and all same dreams
hopeful living, dreadful screaming
huddle of people, peaceful living
once was said, once was left
full of contradiction, all are meeting
days are passing, minds are sleeping

tear-drops are clear, smile is rare
drenching in past, can’t feel better
stepping into future, lags behind the present
rope round the neck, ceiling to hang
not just enough, little is the reach
gun on table, a bullet to shot
not just enough, little force for trigger
knife is sharp, a heart to stab
not just enough, don't have the courage
head is heavy, nowhere to lean
shoulders are far, in the run of heads

definition of life starts from dead
affection of love, just a centre of hate
restless river, never stops flowing
always in hurry, although it’s never late
clear is sky, it’s said to be clear
if it’s clear, why is it blue?
it’s easy to be far, easy to run
hard to attach, hard to share
world is small, smaller the places
not that small, it’s hard to face.