Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Last time

A ray of light, spreading down from window
who cares its silver or golden
who judges its right or wrong
when a soul inside the cage
fighting with a dreadful darkness
opens the eyes of the scarcity

when was last time a soul die in piece
when was last time a soul die in bliss
neither was a sorrow for a spirit
nor was a tears for a knight soul

a faith in the heart which always leads
to the door of almighty lord
a love never suppressed in a throat
a want always motive to go
when the last time it stopped
when was the last time it disbelieved

internal tornado always ever blows
every drop of selfish blood
painting the innocent heart
when was it able to colour the sole truth
when was the last time it dismental its deeds!
though eyes sees what are infront
when was the last time the eyes really opened
when was last time it crossed the external brigade

thinking is really a good thing to do
but hoping and expecting adds the bitterness
think for a real, think for mighty lord
never goes in waste, always proves its presence
mind is an aluminium bucket
what you keep on it doesn't really visible
let it hide from other but don't let it run away

when was the last time you walked for a mile
when was the last time your feet feel the pain
but its not your feet that are walking
its not them which are suffering
that's your mind walking
that's your thoughts that are aching
never mind, television is how much big
never mind, show is how much boaring
you got the remote control
you got your mighty wish

when was the last time you cried for a day
when was the last time you smile whole day
feelings are just consequences of virtuals
let you always feel what you need
let you always do what you mean
shadows are just a big lie
just step your feet bravely on it
its not your soul who is frightful
its your thoughts which is feeble
clear the haze being sharp edge
whenever falls, finishes the job.

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Anonymous said...

Nice ... haven't gone threw all but keep up the good work.