Monday, July 08, 2013


Haunted by the undressed time
shyness becomes a case of deficiency
and the thoughts focused out of window
was the soul dipping down in the dumps

no embarrassment for the eyes though
to have a bath ahead of crowd
ahead of people, ahead of time
those who over-whelmed in the first sight
deserved to be punished, deserve to endured

when a kind heart becomes a waste
enfolding is treated as a betrayal
then the hands compelled to be punch
though heart cries the tears of blood

Life is a highway, with twists and turns
never gonna stop till its end
no apologies though no back gear
nothing is certain, meaningless to swear

standing in shadow means sunshine is there
separation and sorrow means happiness is near
a brighter place, desired company
awaited peace and wanted bliss
may be somewhere, somewhere in the midst
got to be patient, just to clear the twist

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