Monday, July 08, 2013


Haunted by the undressed time
shyness becomes a case of deficiency
and the thoughts focused out of window
was the soul dipping down in the dumps

no embarrassment for the eyes though
to have a bath ahead of crowd
ahead of people, ahead of time
those who over-whelmed in the first sight
deserved to be punished, deserve to endured

when a kind heart becomes a waste
enfolding is treated as a betrayal
then the hands compelled to be punch
though heart cries the tears of blood

Life is a highway, with twists and turns
never gonna stop till its end
no apologies though no back gear
nothing is certain, meaningless to swear

standing in shadow means sunshine is there
separation and sorrow means happiness is near
a brighter place, desired company
awaited peace and wanted bliss
may be somewhere, somewhere in the midst
got to be patient, just to clear the twist

Kiss you

kiss you in the morning, kiss you in the night
kiss you when you are far away, kiss you holding tight
kiss you on the dusk, kiss you on the dawn
kiss you in the crowd, kiss you on the lawn
kiss you in the pleasure, kiss you in the pain
kiss you in the loss, kiss you in the gain
kiss you when you are happy, kiss you when you are sad
kiss you when you are good, kiss you when you are bad
kiss you for something, kiss you for anything
kiss you for everything, kiss you for nothing
kiss you when you smile, kiss you when you cry
kiss you when its true, kiss you when you lie
I just can't stop kissing you my love
kiss you till i live
even after i die.


flowers with the taste of eternity
blooming in the haste of life
a touchy spirit dim in the fog
the awaited Sun could penetrate the haze
silence in the whispering ears
a clear voice won't confuse mind
an image standing on the twilight
yet to be brightened, yet to be discovered
a person hiding behind the mask
calling hands had the well-known eyes
flickering lips flowing in the foggy breeze
sensitive ears had so much pleasure to catch
closed eyes leading to unknown direction
so many dreams had so much pleasure to watch

A Day

In an open mind of blue sky 
dense forest hidden with the songs of birds 
grasses kissing the air gently 
and the cool cool wind 
always in a hurry to hug trees 
a gentle touch of morning drop 
falling on the olive leaves 
a finger can let go its touch 
but the heart always have the temptation 

A fresh fog in the morning light 
so is pulsing, need some walk 
a clear river flowing on the way 
so much love, pouring on the stones 
stones might not feel the intensity 
but the water will never ever quit 
will always pour, will always flow 
though the stone will never get soft 

A ride in the day 
warm air brushing my face 
hairs are restless, moves up and down 
ears are so busy, loves the sound 
far far in the horizon above a green hill 
a rainbow opens the majestic pass-way 
eyes get emotional no place for tears 
so lost in the thoughts, living in fantasy 
but the soul remains the shield as always 
will never fall, will never ever give away 

Miracle in the dark shiny sky 
pictures made by the twinkling stars 
so romantic and so much deceiving 
as it is always the mighty full Moon 
so peace and so much calmer 
eyes on the sky body in the grass 
with an open arm 
I counted the stars 
I looked to my side, no one to share 
I wasnt alone either, someone was there 
Heart felt the touch, lips get wet 
night gets thinner, nesting my mate 
before going in the dreamy world 
before falling into the sleep 
a kiss is needed, so dense and deep 
wherever I go, whatever I do 
Just feel safe, I always belong to you.

Better Man

hard to the unjudged time...
searching for the rhyme
undressed and the undone inside
still standing with self pride
no hell is the road that i'm going
no hell is my smile
no hell is the time lapsing
no hell in the sunshine
living dreaming and yet screaming
no way that could stop
neither could be done again
nor could it be flip flopped
life is still going as ever
flying will be the wings
right man needs a living fever
not an extraordinary swing.

म पग्लिदिउला

तिमी फूल भई मुस्कुराइरहने भए
म सुगन्ध भयर फैलिरहुला
तिमी जून भई झिल्मिलाइरहने भए
म तारा बनेर सघाइरहुला
तिमी बर्षा भएर बर्षिरहने भए
म धर्ती भएर रुझिदिउला
तिमी आगो भएर दन्किरहने भए
म मैन भई पग्लिदिउला

तिमी मयूर भएर नाचिरहने भए
म कोईली भएर गाइदिउला
तिमी नदी भई बगिरहने भए
म सागर भएर पर्खिरहुला
तिमी घाम भएर उदाइरहने भए
म हिमाल भएर कुरिदिउला
तिमी आगो भएर दन्किरहने भए
म मैन भई पग्लिदिउला

तिमी लता भएर बढिरहने भए
म बृक्ष भयर उभिदिउला
तिमी पवन भई चलिरहने भए
म पतिङ्गर भएर उडिदिउला
तिमी एक्लो भएर लडिरहने भए
म शाहस भई उठाइरहुला
तिमी आगो भएर दन्किरहने भए
म मैन भई पग्लिदिउला

sudden breakout

if tearing down my heart makes something good
if suffocating myself to the death is any better
well my love i would already have been in lap
sleeping well, enjoying the company of supernatural

the heart has a language
speaking, listening and expressing
neither had been stopped by the twists of time
nor have been affected by the direction of wind
goes on and on, in a destination
unaffected and unstopped by the external aspects
running open in rain with arms wide open
defeating the pushes of storm by the chest...
smiling in the lightening of the clouds...
and enjoying the trip of tornado

happy feelings and smile may not be invented by the will
maybe they are to be discovered self
internal sunshine that blooms in the midst of heart
may or may not have the reason and consequences
yet they will have the wagon going on in the highway
feeling the wings in the wind
flying aloft in the rush of life...
no counts of time passing by
and no counts of the pinches carried by the body
well no any fear for the grave waiting
and no sorrow for the desperate tears willing to pour down
smile opens the gateway to heaven
no matter how desperate is hell to meet

Never Stops

so calm... so much steady..
so many wars going inside...
but still the smiling face wont stop smiling...
so much passion... so much tension....
so many feelings running through the veins....
but still the smiling face wont stop holding the tears...
so much many rumors...
but still the smiling face wont stop being carefree and move on...
so many dreams... so much to do...
but still the smiling face wont stop being responsible...
hands are open... transparent heart...
but still the soul never stop to entertain the freedom...
so many obstacles... so many failure...
so many thoughts... so many negativeness...
but still the smiling face never stop being optimist...
walking in an open highway...
being unaffected by the blows of time...
But still the legs of smiling face never stop to march on.

Where am I?

Where am I?
Below the shiny stars
no any lights to lead
with the dark noise
and the swollen through
beneath a bare tree
searching for a place to hide
ask myself a question
where am I?

Down in the dungeon of hell
a lightening wont show me the way
dreams of the white angel wings
motivates me to jump from the cliff
no hope has ever carried a hope
why should I ever believe in fact
leaning, crawling in the muddy surface
ask myself a question
where am I?

Fight like a knight
roar like a lion
run like a light
cry like a thunder volt
well well well!
Too much thoughts for now
got to ask myself a question
where the hell am I!?