Friday, May 23, 2008

Just words

got my face smiling in your cheers
I felt my hands wiping your tears
have a strong heart to kill your fear
words, words and my words are for you to share

open your arms in the pouring rain
invitation to smile means farewell to pain
should be plain rather than being insane
coz' theres' nothing to lose and nothing to gain

life is still drenched in the shadows
eyes are still in the search of light
got a strong desire and determination to fight
soul is preparing to be an mighty knight

mind is busy separating wrong and right
just don't wanna be a distracted kite
spirit is ready for an awaited flight
looking for a destination in the sight.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

nutral expression

A Tree standing on a desert
waiting for a day of service
pounding is the alone heart
asking for his lord a mercy
god does or doesn't come
will be there till last heartbeat

branches are dry leaves are fallen
can burn itself to give heat
can light itself to spread light
no sofas, no comfortable beds
has a lap of steam to let him sleep
tree will be there lonely in the sand
lord is the one to make the dicision
come around or he will run
depends upon the steps what he takes

restless will be the soul for forever
nobody got the pass to enter into the core
will always be same in its position
no for newcomers no any fustration
return of the lord isn't the expectation
neither is the thrust for an ocean
tree will be there roots will be there
no movements for its satisfaction
memories of god, for the beloved
will go on, never will be solved...


If goodbyes are all in my faith
then my lord I don't blame you
easy to live life all alone
hard to live it through memories

if farewells are only thing I could get
then my lord I don't blame you
easy to dreanch all life in tears
hard to shake hand for the last time

if separations are made for me
then my lord I don't blame you
easy to spend life in a corner
hard to leave a friend by your side

if lonliness is for me at last
then my lord I don't blame you
its hard to live life in hopes
will hope and wait you another one to send.