Sunday, January 28, 2007


somewhere from the dark
light shows it's presence
penetrating the cloud of darkness
kills all the haze around
brings morning of hope
repairs the dream of life
balancing the ups and downs
opens the mine of excitement.

the lost aim and the lost future
cannot hide anymore
the enthusiasm of soul
the activeness of mind
has just concreted
the strength of body
the fire of creativeness
has just burn again.

so called horrors
in the twists and turns
was just stuck awhile
divert a second
hadn't been dead
hasn't scattered yet
returned in the track
regained it's focus
will break those chains
destroy the cage
will fly aloft
and will touch the sky.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Feel this way

All it began
when those eyes caught mine
the affection that ran through my nerves
penetrate inside, energize my mind
start to see myself in those ocean
end of search was the sign.

the vaccant and the empty heart
was replaced by the sole soul
the alone and the dead hand
has got someone to grasp
tears has gone, smile on face
love in the vains, happy rain
exhausted life and tired brain
has got something to refresh
season is changed, reason is changed
someone make me feel this way.

the tragidies and the failure
has changed into narrow escape
the tornado that was blowing
isn't enough to push my chest
the killing and bleeding legs
got power to start again
a journey of life, journey of success
is just a single step away
season is changed reason is changed
someone make me feel this way.