Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When she opens her eyes to look at me
I become a man who can't see
when her voice swims through my ear
heart pounds on rhythm and I can't bear
If I'm in crowd and she gets near
everybody else just disappear
I'm a lock, she is my key
her man of the dream I wanted to be

She comes to me
we start a talk
we stare each other
and have long walks
she says some words
words of her feelings
I'm always shocked
coz that was I thinking
sometime I wonder
how we think same
though are physically
so much different

got inside out beauty
my little petty sweety
lives in the house of my dream
as soft as the cream
a woman of my thought
that I've never caught
where is she? where she'll be found?
is she far away or is in my around?
I'm a lyrics, where is my rocker?
ya, that's true I'm a dreamlover.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


an open road, successful hope
lost in street, close to highway
not in dusk, waiting in dawn
a lone soul, not all alone
fighting for presence, for its existence

heads are gone, empty place
braced heart, doubtful face
smile and cheers, heavy emotion
nowhere to keep, no one to mention
still its happy, not for relation
but for future, self satisfaction
passengers cone, let them go
one will stay, the heart knows
world is big, bigger is life
has a reserved, in the edge of time

water in river has a continuous flow
falls from hills and still it goes
flows in plain, flows over the damn
always in motion, leaving around sand
coz eyes for the sea, eyes for the ocean
never ever stops, gives a lesson

The Sun is bright, less are the Moon
shines in dark, hides in the noon
stars are tiny, sparks in night
look beautiful, with a trace of light
all are distinct, all are clear
all have reason, nothing to fear.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Almighty you

Sun has gone for vacation
dusk has knocked our door
baby close those windows
close all of the doors
we are alone in home
be with me want you more

I'm here waiting for your words
maybe you are waiting for mine
lit up the candle, put on the table
lets face each other, don't be feeble
if I'm the one that is suffering
then your love is my only disease
there ain't anything that I can't give
but baby being alone I can't live

moon is shiny and so is your face
I'll pass all my life having your glance
world may be big, bigger than I assume
but for me not bigger than you
stars are shining and so is your eyes
can't live without you, never say goodbye
come in my arms, sleep in my lap
lets have fun, lets have a nap
life without you has no meaning for me
I'm locked into your heart and have lost the key

night is going deeper, candle goes dimmer
you are my angel and I'm your dreamer
my life is a song, I'm a singer
you are my piano, happy are the fingers
I don't know god, don't know angel
but I do know you are their dead ringer
don't know culture, don't know religion
but I do know you are their finest seed
don't have vision, don't know its reason
but you are my only love and that's my creed.