Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Melt Again

Got your number, got your name
just can't call, just can't talk
know your face, know your eyes
just can't watch, just can't stare
I know your place, know your street
just can't wait, just can't meet
know your mind, know your thoughts
just can't read, just can't admire

want to love one, wanna to be loved
just can't find one, just can't like one
wanted to be lost, wanted to be devoted
just can't believe, just can't go deep
many in line, many are fine
just can't grab one, just can't take one
see the flowers, see the roses
just can't like, just can't love

Ask myself why I like to be isolated?
why do I love to be single?
just can't find answer
just can't forget your face.

And upto these days
a lot of water has flown from river
they don't come back
now I've walked miles away
now I'm going to change
got to forget the past
wecome the future
want to take chance
want to have change
just can't wait longer
just can't die further
break those walls,
break those each breaks
breaks of the isolation
avoiding the solitation
just don't wanna freeze
just wanna melt again.

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